Who we are

Our Ambition: Become a global partner covering the full range of high value engineering services through an innovative collaborative model.


Our history goes back over 70 years when Silvio Fossa opened a small mechanical workshop and began working with some of the Italian industrial leaders at the time such as Innocenti and Breda.

The company continuously grew under his leadership and that of the following generations but always maintained its focus on research for quality and a strong bond with the local area where most of its suppliers and partners continue to be from.

Over the last 20 years, Giorgio Fossa kept these core objectives his grandfather set but together with his sons Nicolò and Tommaso developed the company to become a key partner of the world’s iron and steel industry leaders and it has now expanded into other sectors collaborating today with the main OEM and End-User (EPS) in Europe and around the world.

The company has mantained for more than 25 years the ISO 9001 quality certification and for 15 years the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

We are more than we produce.