Quality, interchangeability, and guarantee on all our products.

The corporate philosophy focuses on product quality.  Silvio Fossa S.p.A. is proud to ensure:

• Quality, interchangeability, and guarantee on all its products.

• Static and dynamic tests on the entire supply.

• Certification and degree of purity of the fluids used.

• Certified tests with destructive and non-destructive level 2 controls (such as ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic inspections) of materials by the qualified in-house staff or level 3 by highly qualified external specialised companies.

• Charts and tables with the results and performance of its products.

• Certification and traceability of the materials used.

• Structures and test cages simulating the final application of the products.

• Certification on the control units and on all measuring instruments used for quality control.

• The possibility for customers to view and follow the progress of its product at any time, during mechanical processing and / or during the control phases and final testing.

Since 1994 SILVIO FOSSA SPA is certified and operates by following quality standards of ISO 9001. Its commitment towards quality and the environment is also testified by the ISO 14001 certification, received in 2005.

Our certifications

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

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